App Features
“Consensus Gentium” is an interactive film that harnesses the facial detection technology
available in smart devices and uses AI to create a new type of narrative experience. 

The participant’s objective is to visit their sick Nana in a different part of the city, however
in order to request increased mobility, they have to download a Global Citizen App. The
App determines if the participant is a trustworthy enough citizen to receive increased
mobility and digital citizenship status. Through various tests they’re receptivity towards
dissidence or compliance is calculated, by monitoring the data for their conscious and
subconscious eye gaze interactions.
At the same time various characters from techno-activists to friends interact with the participant through the Apps and the functionality of
their smartphone, to reflect the consequences of their decisions on themselves and the
wider community.

By placing the participant at the center of this interactive storytelling experience the
objective is to enable them to become conscious of this subconscious behavior through experiencing how their acquiescence or agency impacts the narrative world, and how their agency can affect the narrative of their life in the same way. Consensus Gentium promotes the idea that the future is not something that happens to us, but that it’s something that we
create together.

Consensus Gentium’s interactions are based upon the principles of traditional Mandala
storytelling. In every culture they serve the same purpose of centering an individual or
community on a given narrative, in order to encourage introspection and ultimately, an
awareness of one’s place and purpose in the world.

The Consensus Gentium application for IOS mobile devices is an application for hosting
immersive augmented reality (AR) film experiences that change the narrative of a film
based upon the user’s eye gaze on the screen and their facial features. Currently, it hosts
one film, Consensus Gentium Part I. This application streams film content from an AWS
CloudFront instance that distributes the film content across several countries for optimal
streaming performance.
Using Apple’s front-facing true depth camera system (consisting of
an infrared sensor and optical camera) and Apple’s ARKit, it locally tracks over fifty-two
unique facial features and eye-gaze. This information is used to determine where the
person is looking on the screen and determines the pathways of where the film will go
based on where the user is looking on the screen.
The immersive film experience will be experienced as a live site immersive installation and
eventually be released publicly on the Appstore.
Alongside the Consensus Gentium app an educational programme aims to engage youth
audiences with the key themes of the piece and explore approaches to activism and civic

Experience films like never before – let your eye gaze shape the story.

The story is in your hands – interactive film checkpoints that track your facial expressions.

Step into the story – where fiction meets reality through interactive film elements.

Images with iPhone graphics are used for demonstration purposes only and do not imply any endorsement or affiliation with Apple. Our use of these images does not intend to mislead consumers about the source or sponsorship of our app.

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