About the Consensus Gentium Project

About Consensus Gentium

Mission Statement & Values

One of the objectives of Consensus Gentiumis to immerse the participant as a central character in a near future world to experience how marginalized groups will be impacted by biased A.I. networks and technologies that have the potential to be weaponized against them. In order to spark public awareness through the participant being viscerally immersed and engaging with the subject matter in a personal way, which would normally be hard to fully comprehend.

By utilizing a smartphone as the format it also takes art and these vital themes out of the more privileged museum and art spaces, and democratizes the Arts. Enabling this immersive experience greater accessibility to the masses, into diverse communities, including dis-enfranchised and hard to engage with youth. Developed with specialists from computer science, activism and neuroscience fields, Consensus Gentium aims to bring awareness using cutting-edge research on conscious/subconscious eye gaze interactions monitored by smartphone cameras – so we all take ownership over ourselves, our decisions and ultimately our lives!

A world launch on the SXSW arena is the perfect platform to reach the tech and digital-savvy, diverse international audience. Consensus Gentium is part one of a trilogy, where the story-scape of world-building is designed with the objective to shape and influence the world in which we live.

Click here to visit the SXSW 23′ Consensus Gentium Event

The project was developed as part of the National Lottery and BFI Development Fund.


Hack The Future Labs (HTFL)

This Lab is an extension of the Hack the Future Labs (HTFL) created in 2020 as the foundation of the R&D for Consensus Gentium Immersive experience.

Hack The Future Labs Website

Think & Action Tanks at the intersection of Art Film, Neuroscience Technology, Activism, Social Justice, Spirituality and the Parkour Philosophy of moving through fear.

Creating interdisciplinary conversations and discussions to enable explorations of solutions for urgent issues impacting this rapidly changing society.

HTFL posed the question “What if storytelling could function as a vision for strategies of liberation, which empowers people to not just imagine alternative futures but actually begin to intentionally build and create tools, networks and the open source tech to effect change”

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Phase Two

Source Code

Consensus Gentium is a trilogy and part 2 is titled Source Code.

The themes of part one are AI being used to create a surveillance state, smart=surveillance , AI Bias and the need to democratise AI and data.

The themes of part 2 are an extension of this into the decolonisation of tech and the development of building independent systems, governance and policy.

Technology is built upon code, code is shaped by language, this language can represent systems of oppression from colonisation, institutional racism that still exist in the world around us.

Source code is a unique DNA code which is retrieved through reconnecting with our ancient, ancestral spiritual heritage, buried deep in the subconscious of indigenous people. This code when used as the basis to develop technology will infuse it with a new perspective, based upon a sacred wisdom and understanding of self and the world around us. This code is organic, adaptable and a powerful tool for abolition. It influences perceptions, ideologies and beliefs which lead to new movements; all of which has resulted in cultivating source code being classified as an insurgency in the West.

In order to develop the Source code user experience and narrative, there will be an extension of the Hack the Future Labs which are The foundation of the R&D for Consensus Gentium . Think & Action Tanks at the intersection of Art Film, Neuroscience Technology, Activism, Social Justice, Spirituality and the Parkour Philosophy of moving through fear. Creating interdisciplinary conversation and discussions to enable explorations of solutions for urgent issues impacting this rapidly changing society.

The Lab will be developed into an international symposium where we will be tasked to imagine solutions and create them with experts from Africa to America.

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